Movie Translation

Movie is a multi-genre field, including documentary, drama film, historic film, cartoon, etc. Movie translation is a work which requires ability of skills and specific knowledge combination. To have a good movie translation, beside the element of accuracy, the translators have to transfer appropriate content with documentary and historic film. Moreover, the content must be conveyed in an attractive and inspiring way. It is not simple to have all those criteria.

Nowadays, movies which entertain people in every field of life: culture – society, economy – policy, science and technology, information technology, etc. are more abundant and diversified. Therefore, more and more movies are imported to Vietnam, especially movies in fields of science and entertainment. So the demand for movie translation is very urgent.

Movie Translation
Movie Translation

Capturing the that demand, PLG Translations always improves our strength as a professional translation company which responds to all movie translation demand in bilingual of these following fields: Vietnamese drama film, Vietnam documentary, foreign drama film for local television broadcast station as well as private film producers, etc.

PLG Translations has already accomplished movie translation projects for the clients mentioned above in large amount but time-limit and quality are still warranted.

Come to PLG Translations, you can save your time and money for an accurate, qualified, easy to use translation which still remains the original’s performance.

Our experienced and skillful translators in various fields of work will satisfy you. PLG Translations – YOUR PARTNER HERE!

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