Interpreter Providing

As a top interpreting company in Vietnam, PLG Translations has responsible, capable and experienced interpreters who are always willing to respond to clients with escort interpreting, conference interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting in various languages.

In the improvement of worldwide exchange in economy, society, policy, interpreters are indispensable persons in many individual organizations from government agencies to private enterprises. The professional interpreting interpreter providing service of PLG Translations will support individual organizations in exchange and cooperation with foreign partners and representatives without hiring long-term interpreters.

Interpreter Providing
Interpreter Providing

PLG Translations provides these following types of interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting: is a type of interpreting in which the interpreter will convey from source language into target language after listening to a segment of the speech from the speaker. This type of interpreting is appropriate for escort interpreting, commercial transactions, company events, expert groups, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting: is a type of interpreting in which the interpreter often sits in a soundproof cabin, listens to the speaker by headphone and interprets into a microphone. The interpreter has to interpret simultaneously with the speaker from source language into target language. This type of interpreting is appropriate for conferences, workshops, big events of business groups or government.

Whispered interpreting: is a type of interpreting that is similar to simultaneous interpreting, but the interpreter is required to sit beside a small group of listeners and whispered interprets for those listeners.

Escort Interpreting: Is a type of interpreting which is: an escort interpreter – together with a client for one day or more and support the client in interpreting in different environments and situations, depending on business or tourism situation.

PLG Translations provides interpreters in various languages in fields of: Culture, Tourism, Policy, Foreign Affair, Economy, Finance, Science, Technology, Construction, Information Technology, Health Service, Law, etc.

Understanding that bad quality of interpreting could lead to big consequences for clients, PLG Translations only recruits experienced, qualified and well knowledged interpreters in specific fields for each interpreting projects.

Our experienced and skillful interpreters in various fields of work will satisfy you. PLG Translations – YOUR PARTNER HERE!

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